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We Are Direct Importers of Palm leaves for Palm Sunday

Point [A] Distributors (DBA PalmDistributors.com) is a New York based company with a network of over 40 years experience with seasonal sales. We are a direct importer and distributor of palm stalk, palm fronds, palm and Christmas trees, and are currently supplying distributors and religious institutions nationwide. Given our extensive background in this field, we are fully equipped to handle holiday rush volume, which typically occurs around Christmas, Easter and Palm Sunday. 

Point A has made a significant strides in our industry by delivering high quality palm leaves to a previously untapped market of clients in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.

Our Pre Made program has enjoyed tremendous success - thanks to the top-notch artisan skills applied to our crafted decorative products, which range from loops, to strip palm leaves and palm crosses

After 7 years in the palm business, Point [A] has devoted much time, energy and resources towards perfecting our quality control process. By maintaining optimum temperatures during the manufacturing, transportation, and storage phases while remaining open to new trends and ideas, we are constantly perfecting our strategies for providing only the finest and freshest materials to our discerning clients.

Point A is proud to work with our network of farmers, green houses and distributors who care about the planet.

No rain forests are harmed in the making of our products, and we plan to keep it that way! All of  palm products are grown in private land or green houses internationally.  We also believe that our customers shouldn't have to pay top dollar for quality products. We've established distribution with growers in the United States and Mexico to offer our community palm products at competitive prices. 

Our sales team is dedicated to helping individuals or organizations with any special request. We appreciate your interest in Palmdistributors.com and look forward to hearing from you!
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