Decorating with Fresh Holiday Greenery

Decorating with Fresh Holiday Greenery
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Decorating with Fresh Holiday Greenery

This Christmas Holiday Design your own wreath, garland or mantel with fresh and festive greens that will fill the atmosphere with mountain fresh greenery throughout the holidays.

It’s probably no surprise that fresh greenery is our favorite way to get into the holiday spirit, and to get you started we’ve put together a few tips on choosing long lasting evergreens to decorate your space with fresh greenery.

Choose Long Lasting greenery

A great choice for indoor decorations are Pine, Fir, and cedar as they dry slowly and retain needles well. Hemlock and spruce are better used for outdoor decorations, such as urns and mailbox swags.

Here is a list of recommended greenery available during the Christmas Holiday Season. Become familiar with names of of boughs and tips used in your design.  A fantastic combination to decorated with is Western Red Cedar and Berried Juniper Boughs.  

Wholesale boughs are typically sold in case packs of 20 to 30Lbs. For smaller arrangements, consider consumer bunches which typically are sold in mesh packs of 8 to 10 stems. Preparation for wreath making: Cut stems 6"-7" long 

Berried Juniper   

Berried Juniper is aromatic with silvery blue berries. These long-lasting evergreen brings the beautiful tone into your holiday design.              

Berried Juniper

Noble Fir

Noble Fir are Hardy, fragrant and long lasting evergreen.Needles have a beautiful bluish tint.  Noble Fir

Princess Pine

Princess Pine are beautiful greens used extensively in holiday arrangements as the fine needles will cover and expand centerpieces and designs. 

Princess Pine

Silver Fir

Silver Fir has a beautiful dark green with a cast of silver on the underside of the needles.  

Silver Fir

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar boughs are aromatic and long lasting. Small clustered cones accent these cedar boughs making a beautiful design.

Western Cedar

Mist or water your greenery to keep it fresh all season long.

Once you have finished your magical arrangement, keep your greenery as humid as possible with frequent misting. If your arrangement includes a container filled with floral foam, water the container daily so that your greenery has lots to drink.

Avoid placing greenery near floor vents, and if you decorate the fireplace mantle, remember that the heat will dry your arrangement out more quickly. It’s best to place this as close to Christmas as possible.

Supplies and tools needed for making garland and wreaths with fresh greenery 

We have found that a metal wire frame is the most versatile support for wreaths. 12" ring size is perfect to work with.  Find them online and at most craft stores, You will need 22-gauge floral wire cut into 5-inch strips and keep them handy, Floral shears (like this one), Wire cutter (use something sturdier than your floral shears) and twine for hanging.

We recommend working with 3 different types of greenery (for example you could pick 2 types of evergreen and 1 type of a more delicate greenery like bay leaves, holly, magnolia, herbs, or seasonal flowers.

Get creative and enjoy the process!

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