Palm Care / Storage

Receiving your order

Make sure to open and remove product from box for quality inspection.  Check for mold and moisture build up.  If all looks great, wrap product and place back in box. If wrapping paper or poly bag has a lot of moisture, replace with newspaper or turn poly bag inside out.

  • Phoenix Roebelenii Palm and Palmetto Fan will arrive with moisture in poly bag. Its okay and good for these palms to have a little bit of moisture.  Turn poly bag inside out anyway but do not shake moisture of palm leaves. 

For Altar Decorations: 

  • Prior to using, cut each stem at a 45° diagonal just above the end of the stem, and place in fresh water for 3 hours. It's okay to leave stems in water for several days before use.  Water level should only cover about 1" of the stem.  Too much water can cause spoilage. Cutting and placing stems in water allows the leaf to hydrate and increase vase life. 

Storing your Palm: 

  • Keep Cool - 40° F to 50° F - Do Not Freeze. If palms are not refrigerated, open box and keep in the coolest storage place available.  All products should be kept out of direct sun light.  Avoid heat build up in box.

Palm Care Tips

It's normal for some palm leaves to have brownish dry tips on them.  Feel to manicure your palm leaves by cutting off the dry tips with a sharp scissor.

There are many products you may use to make your decor look more vibrant.  We recommend using a leaf shine to accomplish look.  Here is a leaf shine product that works well .

Please contact us for any additional information regarding care or storing your palms.